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We strive for maximum safety and maximum results. Our products are manufactured HomeMade with No Chemicals Involved & No toxic content which can cause Irritation. We used only the best ingredients available to ensure an effective product that looks great, smells great and tastes great too! Most importantly, everyone is saying “It works!”.

Biotin is one of the most important vitamins you can take to promote hair growth. Biotin supports the health of your scalp by producing fatty acids which in turn helps the health of your hair. A deficiency in essential fatty acids produces symptoms such as dry, scaly or flaky skin, dandruff, dry, brittle hair or eczema, according to the ProHealth website, all of which may lead to hair loss. Eating foods high in biotin or taking a biotin supplement will help combat hair loss due to a poor diet. When you take biotin, you are also helping to support your hair’s keratin, making your hair stronger. Keratin is what your hair, skin, and nails are made of. Taking biotin with other B vitamins will create a powerful combination to help combat hair loss. If you are prone to breakouts, we recommend taking a biotin supplement with Vitamin B-5. Biotin when combined with B-5 helps to reduce the chances of acne or breakouts in the skin.

Including BIOTIN WE USE :
Curry leaves, Amla ,Onion seeds, Garlic seed, Ginger, Champhor, Lemon, Hibiscus, Henna, neem, Cold pressed organic neem oil, Argan oil, Sesame oil, Avocado oil, almond oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Kalonji oil , Rosemary, Lavender essential oil