We Do Accept International Orders, Delivery in 20 days of Order date


ORDERS:PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, PayPal and Cash On Delivery

SALES TAX : All Products are included of GST, For Domestic No Tax is Involved.

 PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION : For optimal security, when an order is submitted an authorization request is sent to the issuing bank. The issuing bank then verifies billing information, the validity of the credit card, and the availability of funds. If the card information is valid and the funds are available, the bank puts an authorization hold on the funds. An authorization is only a hold on the funds for a possible future transfer of funds. When an order is placed, two transactions will post to your account: 1) an authorization hold which holds the funds for the pending charge, and 2) a charge for the order upon shipment which removes the funds from the account. If an order is canceled, the authorization hold will be removed from the account by the issuing bank. Please contact the issuing bank for inquiries related to the removal of authorization holds.

 ORDER CONFIRMATION: After an order is placed, an order confirmation email is sent to the email address provided during order placement. The order confirmation email includes the order number and all of the order details. Once an order confirmation is received it means your order is being processed and cannot be canceled. A shipment confirmation email is sent once the order ships from the fulfillment center. The shipment confirmation email includes the shipping tracking number and all of the order details.   

ORDER CANCELLATION: We are unable to cancel or modify an order after it’s been submitted since we aim to process all orders as soon as possible. If you have any questions about your order, please email team@theouai.com. For security purposes, we are unable to re-direct a shipped parcel to a secondary shipping address. If a shipper is unable to complete delivery to the original shipping address provided, the parcel will be returned to the fulfillment center and processed as a return. 

MAXIMUM PURCHASE POLICY: We limit orders to no more than ten units of any item. If you have any questions regarding these, please contact us by e-mail at bitonolie(@)gmail.com.